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Blog posts tagged in hire a excavator in nelspruit

When most people picture a TLB in action they imagine a machine digging up earth to make way for commercial developments and road expansions. Nelspruit, but especially the surrounding towns, is mostly involved with faming as a means of income.

TLB hire in Nelspruit and TLB hire in Malelane is the best solution for your farming needs. The TLB machine is the essential tool for farming. TLB machines will save you time and it is better to use a TLB on your farm when digging than to use man power. Labour that needs to be done on farms can be incredibly strenuous and intensive so it is better for you to hire a TLB when you have intensive digging to do.

Hire a TLB in Mpumalanga


Hiring a TLB machine for your farming will save you money as you might not want to invest in something that you are only going to use a few times in a year. TLB hire in Nelspruit and TLB hire in Malelane is easy and cost effective when you are working with Jaundré’s Plant Hiring in Nelspruit. At Jaundré’s Plant Hiring, we will deliver your hired TLB machine to your farm and you will be able to get working on your projects as soon as possible.

Why would you need a TLB machine on the farm? There are a variety of reasons why you would need a TLB machine on your farm and not all of the reasons has to do with farming. Instead of allowing your employees to do intensive drainage digging and similar work, you should consider using a TLB for such jobs.

Hiring a TLB for use on your farm will allow you to keep your farm roads maintained. As a farmer you will know that the roads on farms are often notoriously bad after heavy rains or after a heavy truck has driven over the road and caused damage. After your farm road has been damaged you can hire a TLB in Nelspruit or hire a TLB in Malelane from Jaundré’s Plant Hiring, to fix your road. Doing this will keep your road maintained so that your work can continue. When expanding the farming area on your farm, a TLB machine is the perfect tool to have in order to remove tree stumps and even small rocks that are in the way. It is better to hire a TLB machine to do this job than it is to use people. The time your employees have to work on the farm is valuable and it should not be wasted especially when hiring a TLB will do the same job but in a safer and speedier manner. Hiring a TLB in Nelspruit or Malelane will help you to maintain your irrigation systems, drainage systems and contours.

At Jaundré’s Plant Hiring all of our TLB machines are kept well maintained through regular service. Contact Jaundré’s Plant Hiring today to hire a TLB in Nelspruit or Malelane and save your farm time and money. 

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At Jaundrés Plant Hiring we offer TLB in Nelspruit and TLB in Malelane. But when hiring TLB for the first time, you might not know exactly what it is that you are hiring. In the construction industry and the plant hiring industry, the acronym for this machine is well known but for people who need a TLB machine and do not know the name of the machine they need, the term TLB is meaningless. So what is TLB hiring and why would you need it?

What is a TLB?

TLB stands for tractor loader backhoe. They are a versatile, multipurpose piece of machinery that can be used to dig the earth and load up materials such as rubble and sand. Being lightweight they are easily able to move around on their own and if need be they can move faster than their bigger, bulkier counterparts.

When building roads, construction crews will make use of this machinery throughout the process. With the constant road works in and around Nelspruit the TLB in Nelspruit and the TLB in Malelane have been in popular demand. These machines dig up the ground that needs to be removed in order for the construction to begin and used again to move the soil out of the way so that the other phases of construction can take place.

In the past manual labour using a huge team of people to dig the earth using shovels in the hot sun would be used to clear away unwanted soil. This was time consuming and led to the deaths of many people. There are horror stories of people dying while working on the road construction. Luckily this is no longer a reality. TLB machinery is efficient and safe to use in the construction of roads.

TLB Hire in Nelspruit

TLB hiring in Nelspruit and TLB hiring in Malelane from Jaundrés Plant Hiring is not limited to road works. Our TLB equipment can be used to make way for building foundations for homes and large business buildings, they can be used to clear an area of rubble or for general earthworks.

Another use for TLB machinery is to dig out trenches, such as trenches for water drainage on a farm road.

Contact Jaundrés Plant Hiring today for the best deals for TLB in Nelspruit and TLB in Malelane. 

Since the formation of the company in 2005, and under the forward thinking leadership of Mr Jaundre Koch, Jaundre’s Plant Hire has established itself as one of the leading plant hire companies in the Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Our fleet consists of earthmoving equipment and tipper trucks that are deployed on various sites in Mpumalanga.

With a well equipped and well-staffed workshop, all our equipment undergoes maintenance on a regular basis and is run through a comprehensive checking process before being sent out to our customers, thus ensuring a minimum of downtime to the hirer.

Our operators are well trained in both the operation of the equipment and in safety, ensuring that they are fully capable of handling the equipment competently, while our technical backup teams attend to any problems that may arise on site quickly and efficiently.


Jaundre’s Plant Hire primary goals are:

  • The determination to satisfy our customer's needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.
  • Our experienced staff members are able to assess proposed contracts or sites requiring the use of heavy plant and equipment carefully and advise our customers on the most economical and time efficient manner in which to complete the necessary work.

It is with pride that we ensure that all of our customers get far more than "hired equipment." They pay normal prices for the equipment and get all the advice and expertise free, as part of the deal. It is all directed towards completing contracts productively.


Embracing the needs of a changing industry by being committed to continuous review and improvement of its operations within a culture of customer focus, quality assurance, information technology, human resource development, and environmental responsibility.


To be recognised as the premier Plant Hire Company in Mpumalanga known for our fanatical concern for our customer's needs, our management talent, market leadership and operational excellence.

For the best quality plant hire service in Nelspruit  Mpumalanga